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Episode 9 Part 1

Title : Betrayal
Release Date : October 28, 2015

Marr and Crawther’s partnership is threatened as they take shelter in an inn run by a mysterious proprietor.


Written and Produced by Klim Levene

Crawther – Matthew Spears

Marr – Sam Trounce

Blackmore – Angela Dennis

The Commander – Simon Roberts

Corrigan – Louise Samuels

Additional Voices:

Huxley – Meeshelle Neal

Zekil – Steven James

Staff – Michael Stewart

Gavin – Alex J. Campbell

Ochs – Mairi Macfarlane

Crabs & Spoole – Michael Stewart

Stage Announcer – Alex J. Campbell

Mr. Psmith (Mysterious Gentleman) – Osmond Bramble

Backpacker – Matthew Simmons

Intro & Credits – Caroline Harries & Louise Samuels

Blackmore’s Song is written & performed by Eddie Lam (piano, lyrics), Britt Macleod (vocals, lyrics) & Tony Moser (bass).
Addition music – I Wonder Where My Baby is Tonight & Tip Toe Trip Van Django.
Theme music – Klim Levene & Thomas Beckman (Viola)