Wherein we meet the final key players of our story, and Marr’s plan hits a little bit of a snag.

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Written and Produced by Klim Levene. 

Crawther РMatthew Spears 

Marr – Sam Trounce

Rainbow Demon – Osmond Bramble

Additional Voices:

Ceremony Elder – Billy Mitchell

Ceremony crowd and chants – Billy Mitchell, Matthew Simmons, Osmond Bramble, Steven James

Zekil – Steven James

Commander – Simon Roberts

Peterson – Billy Mitchell

Corrigan – Caroline Harries

Cashou the wind spirit – Matthew Simmons

Mayor – Steven James

Crier – Billy Mitchell

Angry mob – Billy Mitchell, Thomas Beckman, Caroline Harries, Sam Trounce

Thug – Billy Mitchell

Intro & Credits – Caroline Harries

Theme music – Klim Levene

Theme music viola – Thomas Beckman (of Sons of Granville)

Additional sound effects – Daniel Levene

Big thanks to my family for all the support!