The fog (and plot) thickens, while the identity of the culprit remains unknown. As rumors and superstitions bring unrest to the island, a reluctant partnership could help restore the peace; and maybe make a little cash on the side.

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Written and Produced by Klim Levene. 
Theme music by Klim Levene. 
Crawther – Matthew Spears 
Marr – Sam Trounce 
Keys – Heather Bowry

Mysterious Fog Voices – Matthew Spears & Sam Trounce 
Coach Driver – Matthew Simmons 
Hopkins – Matthew Simmons 
Corrigan – Caroline Harries 
Computer – Caroline Harries 
Officer – Billy Mitchell 
Librarian – Caroline Harries 
Tailor – Billy Mitchell 
Gnomes – Matthew Simmons, Billy Mitchell, Heather Bowry 
Innkeeper – Max Teichman 
Waitress – Caroline Harries 
Commander – Simon Roberts 
Crabs & Spoole – Michael Stewart 
Bounty Clerk – Billy Mitchell 
Intro & Credits – Caroline Harries

Additional Casting – Kailey Spear of BlackSpear Productions 
Silhouette artwork by my amazing talented sister Masha

Special thanks to my family and everyone who contributed their time and effort!!!