Episode 9 Part 1

Title : Betrayal
Release Date : October 28, 2015

Marr and Crawther’s partnership is threatened as they take shelter in an inn run by a mysterious proprietor.

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Episode 8

Title : Poe's Labyrinth
Release Date : October 13, 2014

Marr and Crawther put their skills to the test when they find themselves trapped in an endless forest taken over by evil spirits. Just remember- never ever let your light go out.

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Episode 7

Title : Fire In The Sky

Rains begin, Marr and Crawther go shopping, and a sign is revealed.

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Episode 6

Title : The Guardian of Don Lye

Our heroes face off with the Guardian and Zekil receives good news.
Ps. Big boys don’t cry.

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Episode 5

Title : Echoes in The Well
Release Date : December 27, 2013

As they travel deeper in, the temple will test our heroes’ endurance, patience, and lungs.

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Episode 4

Title : The Forgotten City
Release Date : July 21, 2013

Discover the secrets of The Forgotten City, deep in the heart of Siarah Woods.
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Episode 3

Title : Demons and Wizards
Release Date : April 19, 2013

Wherein we meet the final key players of our story, and Marr’s plan hits a little bit of a snag.

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Episode 2

Title : Devil's Breath

The fog (and plot) thickens, while the identity of the culprit remains unknown. As rumors and superstitions bring unrest to the island, a reluctant partnership could help restore the peace; and maybe make a little cash on the side.

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